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The Flu – La Gripe

The flu (also known as “influenzia”) is an infectious disease that usually affects the respiratory tract (nose, throat and lungs), and on some occasions it can be accompanied by other stomach viruses (causing diarrhea and/or vomiting). At Datium, it is one of the main reasons for the participation of our users. Thanks to the information provided, they not only earn MDCX, but help improve the fight against the flu.
As a general rule, the flu disappears on its own, but sometimes it can become complicated, becoming fatal, so people with the highest risk of presenting complications (those under 5 years of age, or over 65 years of age; people convalescent or who have weakened immune systems, as well as pregnant women), should pay special attention to the symptoms.

It could almost be said that everyone, at some point in our lives, has had a flu or constipation, however, for each person it is more or less bearable, so therein lies the importance of contributing our experiences, for the study and management of cases, so I encourage you to access the DATIUM web platform, in which you can obtain great benefits and advantages with our MDCx Coin, each time you answer our surveys.

What are the most common flu symptoms?

We cannot affirm that we all develop the same symptoms, since these can vary depending on our state of mind, however, the most common symptoms, which we have obtained thanks to Datium technology, are the ones indicated below:
• Fever
• Pain in the muscles
• Chills and sweating
• Headache
• Persistent or dry cough
• Shortness of breath when breathing
• Tiredness and weakness
• Stuffy or runny nose
• Throat pain
• Eye pain
On some occasions, patients may present, after the acute picture, a picture of persistent fatigue that has been called postviral asthenia syndrome.

What is the treatment of Post Viral?

Once infected with the flu virus, the most effective remedy is rest, hydration and taking antipyretics if we have a fever, or to alleviate discomfort; since there is no 100% effective treatment or medication, as it is a viral infection, the use of antibiotics is totally discouraged, except in the case of a bacterial superinfection (such as pneumonia), in which it would be indicated to be prescribed. Thanks to Datium’s free information, more and more doctors and facilities are improving their studies against the flu.

Are antiviral drugs effective?

There is a group of antiviral drugs for the flu called “neuraminidase inhibitors” which work when a virus infects a person’s body. These antivirals inhibit a protein called “neuramidase”, which prevents the virus from being released from infected cells, thus reducing the reproduction of the virus within the body.

It is important to bear in mind that treatment with antivirals is indicated in those patients who have a severe infection, either because they have risk factors or problems with their immune system, which increases the risk of developing complications. To be most effective, treatment must be started as soon as possible, preferably within 48 hours of the onset of flu symptoms.

Can the flu be prevented? Datium answers you

Viruses are constantly changing, so new strains appear on a regular basis, so if we have had the flu in the last season, our body is able to fight that specific strain, so if the current virus is similar to the one we we have already faced (due to illness or vaccination), those antibodies could prevent the infection, or visibly reduce its severity, everything will depend on the virus that we face come winter.

For this reason it is important to continuously, constantly and sincerely visit the Datium platform to collaborate in each stage of the disease. Medicine needs Datium users.

The best way to prevent the flu is to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, with hydration and rest being very important. Some vitamin supplements (for example with vitamin C) can also be of great help, taken within the first few days from the onset of the disease.

That said, the health recommendations indicate the following prevention and control measures to prevent contracting the flu and/or to help prevent the spread of the contagion:
 Annual influenza vaccination is the main method of prevention.

 Wash your hands often, especially important in children, who tend to touch everything and then put their hands in their mouths.

 Do not share objects that may be contaminated such as cutlery, glasses, towels, etc.

 Frequent cleaning and disinfection of commonly used objects.

Avoid contact with other sick people.

 Cover your nose and mouth with your forearm or a handkerchief when coughing or sneezing.

 Drink a lot of liquid, even if you don’t feel like it and, especially, if you also have diarrhea.

 Rest enough time at night.

 Ventilate every room in the house daily.

However, at the first symptoms of flu, we advise you to go to the health personnel to be assessed and prescribed the correct treatment to follow.

Likewise, we remind you of the importance of your opinion and experiences, which is why we invite you to participate in our surveys through the DATIUM platform, through which you will obtain multiple benefits through our MDCx Coins currency.

MoneyFi Technologies – The future of digital medical information

We are facing a software company specialized in Blockchain technology and the use of cryptoactives. In recent months they have been developing a unique private data processing project using block technology called Datium.

Datium is a digital platform that interacts directly with users, allowing them, through state-of-the-art AI technology, to obtain prizes based on cryptocurrencies for sharing their most relevant medical information.

Currently, the native Datium token called MDCx, which is an acronym for Medicalx, is delivered to users’ wallets.

When we talk about MoneyFi, we must go into depth within its multiple functions to highlight one in particular, the “Collective Knowledge Protocol”. An organic exponential growth database creation located in your Datium project.

The main objective of Datium, together with its MDCx currency, is to apply this protocol mainly in the health sector. Without ruling out future expansions.

Active services of the Datium project

We found a project that seeks to become the main intelligent database of medical information worldwide. Its greatest peculiarity is the prominence that users, patients, health professionals and institutions of the medical industry take immediately.

Undoubtedly, its main objective is to achieve free information on the part of all groups, being awarded MDCx for collaborating with each other.

The information collected will seek to be reliable, transparent and complete for use in taking different public or private actions, decision making, drug testing, among other multifunctional functions of the health and medicine sector.

What reason to create the Datium project and the MDCx cryptocurrency?

Datium was born at the beginning of March 2020 in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic in the great city of London. Finding ourselves in those moments with so little information about the disease in progress and the misinformation from the media, a visceral response to the mismanagement of information was sought. It could be said that the true objective of the Datium project is to answer such simple questions, but at the same time complex, that help to solve problems in the short, medium and long term.

Within the Datium project we can find totally innovative clinical simulators, used as a continuous training tool for professionals based on real clinical cases and information processed directly from the Datium database.

The constant work and the formalization of a team has been the main pillar of the project that has given rise to all the development that the project currently has. A team that includes specialists in the field of medicine, economists, doctors, psychologists, programmers, mathematicians and even experts in Blockchain technology such as Jose Stiven from the Quieroganar Audits Academy team.

During the formalization process, meetings and workflow and ideas, the Datium project realized what was really important, the end user. The latter being the one who should have the highest authority of their data.

Female medical doctor looking at x-rays in a hospital.

MDCx as a bargaining chip in Datium technology

Technology advances by gigantic steps and that is why Datium thinks about the immediate future so that society has a greater acceptance of participating in such an innovative project. And it is that, at present, Blockchain technology is marking a worthy path to follow for new projects for all the benefits that international projects such as Datium acquire. For this reason, MDCx was born, a token that fulfills different functions within the ecosystem. MDCx is used as a rewards system where users and professionals are rewarded for their participation. An internal means of payment with a complex economy and becomes a new and updated investment vehicle.

MDCx aspires to become the only payment currency for health services. Closing a circle that has long been damaged by misinformation.

How do MDCx Rewards work for sharing medical information?

Its glide operation from the outset from a straightforward and simple point of view. In such a way that any user, whatever their level of studies, qualifications, or experience with technology, would achieve the objectives to be achieved to obtain their MDCx.

When a patient or professional registers with Datium, they will be able to answer questions generated by the AI. As a result, they are rewarded with an “x” unit of the MDCx cryptocurrency as payment for their knowledge and data validation. Thus, the Proof of Brain was born.

All users, once registered, become MDCx supporters and therefore miners from the moment they interact with the AI.

It must be understood that the PoB is a stage that goes beyond the Proof of Work (PoW) and the Proof of Stake (PoS) where a collective, real and efficient knowledge network is created, which works with the largest network of nodes ever imaginable. , the human being, with more than 7 thousand 600 million potential users.

It is clear that there is still a long process to go through and raise awareness among end users. For this reason, Datium, in agreement with MoneyFi Technologies, is constantly working on its media expansion.

What is CARDANO? (ADA)

We welcome you to DATIUM where we will gradually introduce you to the world of cryptocurrencies with general information on the different scenarios that you will find within the Crypto network.

We are pleased to thank you for participating with our platform and invite you to register in our medical information database where, although you may not believe it, you will earn MDCx, our token, for sharing different opinions, experiences and medical attitudes from your day to day. Do you dare to know Datium?

“Cardano is a Proof-of-Stake Blockchain platform that focuses on research-based development, efficiency, and scalability. In addition, recently, they have begun to incorporate smart contracts into their blockchain, so we expect a promising future for this Blockchain.”

CARDANO Blockchain The Future?

Cardano differentiates itself from other Layer 1 chains by emphasizing a methodical, research-based approach to developing its own blockchain. As of 2022, more than 100 peer-reviewed publications are published on its website describing its step-by-step technology.

One of the wonders of CARDANO and what makes it special is that it characterizes itself as a carbon-neutral blockchain. It has achieved this thanks to its low emission Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism called OUROBOROS. We can even highlight his CARDANO Foundation which claims to practice sustainable investing, which focuses on positive impact in the real world by applying the UN principles of responsible investment and the UN sustainable development goals.

As we already discussed in the previous paragraphs. They added smart contracts this past year, allowing developers to publish custom logic on the blockchain. With this update, it has positioned itself as a viable alternative to other Layer 1 blockchains by allowing the hosting of a wide range of tokens and decentralized applications (dapps).
Its native token, ADA, will allow holders to participate in the protocol through staking, rewarding them for participating in the network and giving them the power or ability to vote on changes to the network.

Who created Cardano and how does the cryptocurrency work?

Its first appearance was in 2017 at the hands of Charles Hoskinson, one of the original founders of Ethereum.

Charles Hoskinson had some personal problems with Vitalik Buterin about the future of Ethereum that ended in their separation. Vitalik was pursuing the idea of creating a non-profit identity while Charles considered that this technology should pursue a more commercial good..

After several negotiations between the entire Ethereum technical team, Charles left with several members of the team to found IOHK, the company focused on building Cardano.
Cardano was able to raise $62 million in its initial offering (ICO) alone. The protocol has never accepted venture capital investors, as Hoskinson believes that this would be a betrayal of the principles of decentralization.

Cardano coin

The Cardano Architecture

It consists of two distinct layers:

• The Cardano settlement layer which is used to facilitate the transfer of ADA and to validate and record transactions on the blockchain.

• The Cardano Computation Layer (CCL) which would host the Cardano smart contract along with two application building functions.

Having its network divided in this way into two different capacities allowed it to process up to a million transactions per second effectively and efficiently.

Native Assets

In addition to its smart contract capability, Cardano allows developers to create native assets on the platform to use for their decentralized applications. These have a peculiarity and that is that they can be treated in the same way as ADA.

Rather than building on the processes of other blockchain networks, Cardano relies on a research-based approach that enlists the help of top cryptographers from around the world to build its network from the ground up and ensure its progression. Unlike Bitcoin.

Through this process, the protocol that is created has moved through five distinct eras to the end of its current roadmap: Byron, Shelly, Goguen, Basho, Voltaire.
As of November 2022, Basho and Voltaire are currently in their development stages with no release date.

What are the most important qualities of ADA?

ADA is primarily used to pay transaction fees and to validate transactions. ADA has a supply limit of 45 billion as opposed to BTC’s 21 million.

As of mid-2022 there is a circulating supply of around 32 million ADA tokens. So ADA has a long coming up and it is possible that we will see it fluctuate in price considerably.

With its Cardano research-based approach to the cryptocurrency industry, investors who believe in the bottom-up development process of the network might be interested in the ADA token.

Our MDCx token specializes in the security of patients’ medical information. This token being the means of payment for sharing said information with third parties associated with Datium.

What is Bitcoin in 2023? (BTC)

When we talk about Bitcoin, we are talking about the first cryptocurrency that is successfully built in a decentralized way. Unlike the rest of the traditional market currencies that are centralized.

Bitcoin (BTC) is completely digital and we cannot get it physically.
Without a doubt, among all its characteristics, the most notable is that it has conquered the world as there are no borders with bitcoin.

Bitcoin coins.

Bitcoin is the technology of the future

Unlike what we are used to with the Dollar, Euro, among other international currencies, Bitcoin is not issued by a central authority such as a bank or a government. We did not find a single entity that controls the supply of bitcoins and constantly validates its transactions. The bitcoin network is made up of a huge network of nodes and payments between users are made peer-to-peer (p2p).

We would then be talking about a completely digital currency, without a physical state, becoming a global phenomenon spreading like an echo on a mountain.

Since its launch it has generated multiple reactions. The most important to highlight is the formalization of a new industry in constant growth. We are talking about the creation of thousands of digital currencies a year, hundreds of projects and options yet to be exploited. Datium, within the field of medicine, launches its own digital currency called MDCx with the aim of rewarding users, patients and doctors for treating health information and sharing it with third parties for the common good. Improve healthcare.

Bitcoin is already accepted as a form of payment in thousands of online and even physical stores. Allows the creation of decentralized business models. Perhaps we are talking about the new digital era where the queens were the cryptocurrencies and the kings the users.

Man holding money and bitcoin. Focus on coin

Essential Points of Bitcoin today

We can find the following most notable points of Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is the first decentralized currency.
It is powered by a global peer-to-peer payment network.
Payments are irreversible.
You have a limited supply.
The price is determined based on supply and demand.
Powered by blockchain technology.

Bitcoin’s eternal rivalry against fiat currencies

If we stop short and observe the first difference between the two, it’s simple, when we talk about Bitcoin we talk about decentralization, when we talk about fiduciaries, we talk about centralized, governments, countries. But we are only scratching the surface of what we call Bitcoin. To understand it a little better, let’s take a closer look at a transaction in both scenarios.

When we are going to make a purchase online (for example), we will be using a credit card. The issuer of the credit card, your bank, will have the last power to decide whether to authorize the transaction or not. Therefore, we are talking about the credit company being a validation authority. This concludes that you will need to confirm that the transaction has been carried out or not. Otherwise, the person you are paying could claim that you did not pay the agreed price or that you never completed the transaction. All traditional currencies work this way, but bitcoin does not.

With BITCOIN, the card company paper is distributed to over a million nodes. These nodes are continuously verifying the transactions. If a node transmits invalid transactions, other nodes will be able to verify that something is wrong and not propagate the false information. If the node continues to transmit invalid transactions, eventually the network ignores it entirely. You must understand that Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, therefore they cannot be reversed or claimed. Unlike the transactions we know.

Once you send bitcoin to a certain address and the transaction is added to the blockchain, you can no longer change your mind. That is why you have to be very careful when shipping.

How many BTC are in circulation? How much can there be?

One of the main differences between traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies is that cryptocurrencies have a limited supply. In the case of BTC, there can only be 21 million Bitcoins. This protects the currency against inflation. At the same time it ensures that there are enough currency units for people to use. Each BTC can be divided into 100,000,000 negotiable units, called Satoshis (decimals). This means that we could be trading 2.1 quadrillion satoshis.

We encourage you to continue visiting the complete Datium page and not stop learning all the essentials of this new crypto world. Together we will travel a path full of emotions and sensations. And your medical information, together with us, will help improve healthcare worldwide.

Blockchain technology available to the healthcare user thanks to Datium MDCx

More and more medical platforms are beginning to ingest Blockchain technology among their services. From the acquisition of contracts, offers, services, among others. But in this article we will talk about Datium Mdcx. What is Datium? What is MDCx?
Talking about medicine can be very complicated and even more so if we combine it with the block technology of a Blockchain. For this reason, projects such as Datium were born, where they offer access to this kind of technology in a friendlier way and with revolutionary ideas. Do you want to know more about Datium?

Before continuing and delving into the pioneering services offered by the Datium company, we must make sure that as users they understand that cryptocurrencies are a type of digital currency. They do not exist in physical or tangible form. But they do have a value thanks to their economic support with a couple of liquidity. These allow immediate transactions, regardless of the possible borders that were imposed on multiple occasions against a transaction with high costs. And I am sure that you will know many more advantages. Which we will focus on later.

Datium hand in hand with public health and the end user

In Datium the users are the protagonists. They are the ones who have full control of their information. Furthermore, Datium could not operate without your participation. Users will have the choice to provide their data to third parties, such as pharmacies, researchers, hospitals, etc., in exchange for receiving MDCx for their data. This transaction is an exchange. MDCx is the official cryptocurrency of DATIUM and represents a valuable asset within the company.

Users depending on their constant participation in Datium schemes, answering surveys, processing new friends with referral systems, among other individuals, will depend on the amount of MDCx they can earn. Being this token a crypto asset that can be sold for Dollars in the digital market. Especially in Pancakeswap. Being the first Exchange to accept and host the MDCx cryptocurrency.

Are there more healthcare use cases in the history of cryptocurrencies?

A private hospital in Varsovia, Poland, as of 2014, allowed its patients to pay their medical bills with Bitcoin. The MEDICOVER medical group, in charge of said hospital at the time, saw a profitable use of this technology. Well, we are talking about a hospital with more than 8,000 patients from 20 different countries.

Another known case is the Abid Hospital in Pakistan. It started accepting cryptocurrency payments in 2017, especially with a local currency called PAKCOIN used in paying for healthcare. Very similar to the future that MDCx awaits for users who hold the Datium usage token.

And we could not continue if we did not also use it in a Spanish center. The Biziondo health group, in Spain, announced on April 23, 2021 that it would accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Amazing! It would be the first health group in the country of Spain that would accept health payments in cryptocurrencies. And it is that Blockchain technology is available to everyone, including patients.

History of Medicine

Woman studying medicine, supervising an experiment.

Many times, when we talk about medicine, we cannot avoid thinking and associating said word with diseases, general malaise, surgical interventions, medications, etc.; however, from DATIUM, we believe that it is a valuable instrument to protect our health, being our project a tool that manages the information provided by patients and medical specialists, to improve our lifestyle and prevent diseases.

What is Medicine today?

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) defines it as the “Set of knowledge and techniques applied to the prediction, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases and, where appropriate, to the rehabilitation of the sequelae that they may produce.”

History of Medicine in a nutshell

When talking about medicine, we have to go back to more than 4000 years B.C., since the first civilizations (among them the Mesopotamian and the Egyptian), based the medical practice on two pillars, on the one hand, the “natural” medicine founded on the use of herbs or natural remedies, and another in “magical-religious” medicine, which used the “Gods” to explain the inexplicable.

One of the main testimonies we have of our “medical history” is found in Mesopotamia, more specifically in the “Code of Hammurabi”, which is a compilation of laws and administrative regulations, which, among others, determine the responsibilities of doctors. in the exercise of his profession (including malpractice); list of healing plants, as well as minerals and substances of animal origin; as well as the belief that the disease was a divine punishment, imposed by the demons, so that any God could cause or heal the disease through his direct intervention (or, abandon him to his fate), as well as with the mediation of sorcerers or shamans (in charge of performing exorcisms, prayers and ritual offerings).

Who was Hippocrates and his importance in Medicine

Image of the philosopher Socrates

Today, we usually refer to Hippocrates as the father of Medicine and Ethics; since he was able to dissociate himself from the “doctor-priest” stigma that prevailed at the time, developing a system based on the observation and study of the patient, in which his senses and his reason prevailed as the only diagnostic instruments.

His thesis was that the diseases were the consequence of eating habits, alcohol abuse, age, gender or work of the patient (among others), so after conducting a study of the symptoms, plus the lifestyle of it, he tried to find a cause-effect of the disease that afflicted the person, starting (for the first time) what we know today as scientific medicine.

Hippocrates had a strong belief in medicine, and he was not so concerned about the rights of doctors, rather, his concern was about their duties, so this idea led him to develop an oath of medical ethics, which Today we know it as the “Hippocratic Oath” or “Hippocratic Oath”. This oath is a commitment that doctors take when they begin to practice medicine.

Datium and modern medicine

Currently, great advances have been made in modern medicine, in some cases eradicating some diseases, as well as treating others that until recently were thought to be incurable. These achievements have been possible thanks to the study and diagnosis resources that we have; as well as the awareness of people, who bet (every day more) for a healthier and healthier lifestyle.

At DATIUM, we are committed to preventive medicine, so your collaboration will favor the study, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, which will help improve our quality of life.
It is worth noting our star service, MDCx, a cryptocurrency that will grant users of the platform multiple benefits. To receive your first MDCx it will be necessary to register on the Datium platform and fill out different surveys. We invite you to continue browsing our platform and learn more about our project.
The history of medicine advances at steps impossible to reach with the naked eye. It is, thanks to technology, how we manage to keep ourselves, day by day, updated on all the discoveries and advances that human society is discovering thanks to its scientists and specialized doctors. Datium, with its automated information system, has brought the citizen one step closer to the most advanced medical systems, rewarding both the user and the doctor for sharing the information.