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Monetize your health information and contribute to a highly impactful social cause

DATIUM rewards you for your data contribution, which is our primary asset. Earn MDCxR with every piece of data you provide.


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Datium is the first database of healthcare data processed by its exclusive Xilo® Artificial Intelligence system.

Doctors – Physicians
Doctors – Physicians

DATIUM is a powerful tool for social impact

Our goal is to generate reliable, transparent, and comprehensive information that can be used for intelligent decision-making by various stakeholders, both public and private, in the healthcare sector.

Datium was born as a response to a specific need in the industry: have more information when making decisions that impact everyone’s lives.

Leveraged on the knowledge contained by each of us as patients, professionals and industry agents, and based on the fact that we must be rewarded for what we know, this business model was born.

DATIUM is a large database of COLLECTIVE KNOWLEDGE.

Through cutting-edge technology such as AI, will allow us to be more assertive. This, supported by conclusive statistical data for a better prevention – diagnosis and prognosis of health.

Meet the team

Sebastian Ponceliz


Economist specialized in cryptoeconomics, with more than 15 years of experience in the laboratory, health industry and corporate finances.

Jacqueline Preibisch

Business Development & Communications Manager

Psychologist with a Master in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology, with more than 15 years of experience in the Marketing and commercial area. Entrepreneur, I developed my own telepsychology company in 2019.

Guillermo Mendioroz


Developer - RPA
Automation anywhere, UI Path, Blue Prism.
Database, SQL and Excel programming.

Andres Talgham

Financial Advisor

Public accountant, financial analyst, & entrepreneur.
10 years of experience in cryptocurrencies advising on DEFI projects, DAO focused on Farming and physical and virtual mining.

Your information is valuable, and with $MDCx, we actualize its value.

$MDCx is the first health token that utilizes healthcare industry data as an asset that adds value to the currency.

DATIUM is the sole knowledge generator in the industry that rewards you each time you provide data and health information to the platform or its ecosystem through a rewards program with MDCxR, the representation of data value.

Earn MDCxR as a reward for your contribution to the platform, or earn MDCxR by using ecosystem application services.

Use your MDCxR as a means of payment to access services offered by the ecosystem through its DApps (Decentralized Applications).

Use your MDCxR as an investment vehicle by acquiring its equivalent in the $MDCx token, which evolves with the expansion of the database.

How to receive and use your MDCxR

Register and start answering questions through our Chatbot.


Receive 5 MDCxR for your registration and 1 MDCxR for each response provided to DATIUM.

You will see them credited from your dashborad.


Use your MDCxR as mean of payment within the DATIUM ecosystem.

Or convert them into $MDCx, after achieving a minimum accumulation of 100 MDCxR


Receive your $MDCx through Metamask

Download the virtual wallet and then set it up.

Copy the address of your wallet and include it in PancakeSwap to buy and sell your MDCx


Learn more about MDCx.

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