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More and more medical platforms are beginning to ingest Blockchain technology among their services. From the acquisition of contracts, offers, services, among others. But in this article we will talk about Datium Mdcx. What is Datium? What is MDCx?
Talking about medicine can be very complicated and even more so if we combine it with the block technology of a Blockchain. For this reason, projects such as Datium were born, where they offer access to this kind of technology in a friendlier way and with revolutionary ideas. Do you want to know more about Datium?

Before continuing and delving into the pioneering services offered by the Datium company, we must make sure that as users they understand that cryptocurrencies are a type of digital currency. They do not exist in physical or tangible form. But they do have a value thanks to their economic support with a couple of liquidity. These allow immediate transactions, regardless of the possible borders that were imposed on multiple occasions against a transaction with high costs. And I am sure that you will know many more advantages. Which we will focus on later.

Datium hand in hand with public health and the end user

In Datium the users are the protagonists. They are the ones who have full control of their information. Furthermore, Datium could not operate without your participation. Users will have the choice to provide their data to third parties, such as pharmacies, researchers, hospitals, etc., in exchange for receiving MDCx for their data. This transaction is an exchange. MDCx is the official cryptocurrency of DATIUM and represents a valuable asset within the company.

Users depending on their constant participation in Datium schemes, answering surveys, processing new friends with referral systems, among other individuals, will depend on the amount of MDCx they can earn. Being this token a crypto asset that can be sold for Dollars in the digital market. Especially in Pancakeswap. Being the first Exchange to accept and host the MDCx cryptocurrency.

Are there more healthcare use cases in the history of cryptocurrencies?

A private hospital in Varsovia, Poland, as of 2014, allowed its patients to pay their medical bills with Bitcoin. The MEDICOVER medical group, in charge of said hospital at the time, saw a profitable use of this technology. Well, we are talking about a hospital with more than 8,000 patients from 20 different countries.

Another known case is the Abid Hospital in Pakistan. It started accepting cryptocurrency payments in 2017, especially with a local currency called PAKCOIN used in paying for healthcare. Very similar to the future that MDCx awaits for users who hold the Datium usage token.

And we could not continue if we did not also use it in a Spanish center. The Biziondo health group, in Spain, announced on April 23, 2021 that it would accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Amazing! It would be the first health group in the country of Spain that would accept health payments in cryptocurrencies. And it is that Blockchain technology is available to everyone, including patients.

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