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We are facing a software company specialized in Blockchain technology and the use of cryptoactives. In recent months they have been developing a unique private data processing project using block technology called Datium.

Datium is a digital platform that interacts directly with users, allowing them, through state-of-the-art AI technology, to obtain prizes based on cryptocurrencies for sharing their most relevant medical information.

Currently, the native Datium token called MDCx, which is an acronym for Medicalx, is delivered to users’ wallets.

When we talk about MoneyFi, we must go into depth within its multiple functions to highlight one in particular, the “Collective Knowledge Protocol”. An organic exponential growth database creation located in your Datium project.

The main objective of Datium, together with its MDCx currency, is to apply this protocol mainly in the health sector. Without ruling out future expansions.

Active services of the Datium project

We found a project that seeks to become the main intelligent database of medical information worldwide. Its greatest peculiarity is the prominence that users, patients, health professionals and institutions of the medical industry take immediately.

Undoubtedly, its main objective is to achieve free information on the part of all groups, being awarded MDCx for collaborating with each other.

The information collected will seek to be reliable, transparent and complete for use in taking different public or private actions, decision making, drug testing, among other multifunctional functions of the health and medicine sector.

What reason to create the Datium project and the MDCx cryptocurrency?

Datium was born at the beginning of March 2020 in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic in the great city of London. Finding ourselves in those moments with so little information about the disease in progress and the misinformation from the media, a visceral response to the mismanagement of information was sought. It could be said that the true objective of the Datium project is to answer such simple questions, but at the same time complex, that help to solve problems in the short, medium and long term.

Within the Datium project we can find totally innovative clinical simulators, used as a continuous training tool for professionals based on real clinical cases and information processed directly from the Datium database.

The constant work and the formalization of a team has been the main pillar of the project that has given rise to all the development that the project currently has. A team that includes specialists in the field of medicine, economists, doctors, psychologists, programmers, mathematicians and even experts in Blockchain technology such as Jose Stiven from the Quieroganar Audits Academy team.

During the formalization process, meetings and workflow and ideas, the Datium project realized what was really important, the end user. The latter being the one who should have the highest authority of their data.

Female medical doctor looking at x-rays in a hospital.

MDCx as a bargaining chip in Datium technology

Technology advances by gigantic steps and that is why Datium thinks about the immediate future so that society has a greater acceptance of participating in such an innovative project. And it is that, at present, Blockchain technology is marking a worthy path to follow for new projects for all the benefits that international projects such as Datium acquire. For this reason, MDCx was born, a token that fulfills different functions within the ecosystem. MDCx is used as a rewards system where users and professionals are rewarded for their participation. An internal means of payment with a complex economy and becomes a new and updated investment vehicle.

MDCx aspires to become the only payment currency for health services. Closing a circle that has long been damaged by misinformation.

How do MDCx Rewards work for sharing medical information?

Its glide operation from the outset from a straightforward and simple point of view. In such a way that any user, whatever their level of studies, qualifications, or experience with technology, would achieve the objectives to be achieved to obtain their MDCx.

When a patient or professional registers with Datium, they will be able to answer questions generated by the AI. As a result, they are rewarded with an “x” unit of the MDCx cryptocurrency as payment for their knowledge and data validation. Thus, the Proof of Brain was born.

All users, once registered, become MDCx supporters and therefore miners from the moment they interact with the AI.

It must be understood that the PoB is a stage that goes beyond the Proof of Work (PoW) and the Proof of Stake (PoS) where a collective, real and efficient knowledge network is created, which works with the largest network of nodes ever imaginable. , the human being, with more than 7 thousand 600 million potential users.

It is clear that there is still a long process to go through and raise awareness among end users. For this reason, Datium, in agreement with MoneyFi Technologies, is constantly working on its media expansion.

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