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Frequently asked questions

May I register in Datium if I am a Hospital or Health company?

Yes indeed! And your information will help the database grow strong de and help the industry gather more and improve data.

What is Xilo IA?

It is the system that groups, consolidates, and processes data through artificial intelligence, data science, and international information encryption protocols to provide processed data to the industry.

What will you do with my data if I register in Datium?

Your anonymous data will be used statistically to improve decision-making in the medical industry and, therefore, the quality of life of the population.

Is there any type of benefit for registering in Datium?

For registering you get 5 MDCx and, in case you start answering questions, you will be rewarded for each one you answer and each question you ask.

Can I register without the intention of receiving anything in return?

We will always reward you by giving you MDCx. In case you don’t want them, you can give them to whoever you like, they are yours!

What is POB?

Proof of Brain is the new way to mine crypto. At Datium, you earn crypto for every transaction you make on the platform by providing us with information. This, without harming the environment and consuming scarce resources.